Learn from devs on Cuphead, Overwatch and more at GDC 2017’s Animation Bootcamp

Artists and animators, take note: GDC 2017 organizers are reminding you to make time to check out all the great talks taking place during the two-day Animation Bootcamp that kicks off next month’s conference.

The perennially popular Animation Bootcamp is one of many Bootcamps and Tutorials that take place during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, February 27th and 28th this year) and offer attendees the chance to dive deep and explore focused topics like level design, game production, art direction and animation.

This year the Animation Bootcamp will encompass expert tips and advice gleaned from working on everything from Overwatch to The Witcher 3 to Cuphead. For a full, up-to-date listing of what talks will be taking place during the Bootcamp, check out the GDC 2017 Session Scheduler.

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GDC State of the Industry: Most devs think mobile VR/AR is the future

Results from the fifth annual Game Developers Conference State of the Industry Survey are in, revealing trends in the games industry based on the feedback of more than 4,500 game developers ahead of GDC 2017 in February and March.

Last week we pointed out how the survey results suggest game developers are feeling optimistic about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console, and feel unsure about the prospects of mid-cycle console refreshes like the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox’s “Project Scorpio.” Also, the survey shows that for the first time ever, mobile game devs favor Android over iOS.

Now we continue our deep dive into the survey findings to gauge where game developers feel the future of VR/AR is headed, and — just out of curiousity — how often they feel sick or nauseous in VR.

Download the 2017 State of the Industry Survey here

The 2017 State of the Industry Survey is the fifth entry in the ongoing series of yearly reports and serves as a snapshot of the games industry and illustrates industry trends ahead of GDC in San Francisco. Organized by the UBM Tech Game Network, GDC 2017 takes place February 27th through March 3rd at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.

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Go behind the scenes of Hyper Light Drifter‘s development at GDC 2017!

As the schedule for the 2017 Game Developers Conference comes together, organizers want to quickly let you know about a cool talk taking place at the show (which starts next month!) about the process of creating Heart Machine’s hit game Hyper Light Drifter.

In their GDC 2017 talk on “Hyper Light Drifter‘: Secrets of Kickstarter, Design, & Pizza“, Drifter devs Alex Preston and Teddy Diefenbach will take you deep behind the journey of creating their indie success, from the design to the nitty-gritty business end.

Hear untold secrets from their Kickstarter campaign and finances, design of a world without words, specialized level design tools, release process on PC, and porting to console. Three wonderful and terrifying years of running a company and making a massive game, condensed into sixty minutes of revelation and catharsis.

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Tim Sweeney to be honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at GDC 2017

Organizers of the 17th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards, the premier accolades for peer recognition celebrating the industry’s top games, studios and developers, will recognize Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games and creator of ZZT, Unreal and Unreal Engine, with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sweeney will be honored at the Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony, taking place on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at 6:30pm at the San Francisco Moscone Center during the 2017 Game Developers Conference, and in conjunction with the Independent Games Festival. The ceremonies are available to attend for all GDC 2017 pass-holders and will be livestreamed on the GDC’s official Twitch channel.

Sweeney founded seminal shareware game publisher Epic MegaGames in 1991, and the release of its first product, ZZT, led to an explosion of user-created worlds. ZZT has become so beloved as a game/application that it recently led to a full-length book dissection – in the Boss Fight Books series – of the games and culture it created. An expanded Epic MegaGames also released titles such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Epic Pinball and Tyrian in the ‘90s as a leader in the PC shareware space.

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Catch cutting-edge sponsored sessions from AMD, Intel, Nvidia and more at GDC 2017

Game makers take note: You still have time to register for Game Developers Conference 2017, and as the conference draws closer we’re announcing even more sessions for the Main Conference that you’ll want to check out.

Today we’re highlighting a number of cutting-edge sponsored sessions from Nvidia, AMD and other influential technology firms. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about how the latest hardware and software works — and how you can best use it to make games — you’ll want to keep these talks on your radar.

For example, Nvidia is sponsoring a fascinating GDC 2017 session on “Deep Learning for Game Developers.” Make time to check it out, and you’ll learn how to leverage deep learning to create, develop, market, run and tune higher quality and more appealing games for mobile, console and PC.

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GDC 2017 announces Narrative Summit poster session winners!

Good news: Organizers of the Game Developers Conference and its Game Narrative Summit are happy to winners of this year’s edition of the annual Student Narrative Analysis Competition — all of whom will receive passes to attend the conference next month!

Every year, leading game design programs at universities across the country integrate this competition into their academic curricula; participating students are challenged to conduct a detailed structured analysis of the narrative elements of a video game of their choice.

The resulting papers are submitted to the GDC Game Narrative Summit advisors for review, and the entrants with the most promising submissions are then invited to present poster sessions of their work to their future professional peers at the Game Narrative Summit.

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Hone your storytelling skills at GDC 2017’s Game Narrative Summit!

As the 2017 Game Developers Conference draws nigh, organizers would like to quickly let you know about a few of the fantastic talks on the craft of storytelling in games that are taking place at the conference next month.

Each of these talks is part of the GDC Game Narrative Summit, one of eight that will take place Monday, February 27th and Tuesday, February 28th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA — the first two days of the conference.

Each Summit offers a comprehensive overview of a specific game industry discipline, and the Game Narrative Summit is no slouch in that department: for example, consider that the top ten movie franchises of all time and seven of the all-time top 10 game franchises are character–based. In his GDC 2017 Game Narrative Summit talk on “Creating Franchise Characters,” veteran game designer Bob Bates will look at what these franchise characters have in common.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Harry Potter, James Bond, Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and Dominic Toretto are all orphans? Find out what else they have in common in this Game Narrative Summit session geared at helping writers create memorable characters of your own.

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Here are the exhibitors for GDC 2017’s all-new GDC Retro Play showcase!


Game Developers Conference organizers are excited to announce the lineup of exhibitors for the all-new GDC Retro Play, a brand new interactive space at GDC 2017 that specifically concentrates on showcasing retro consoles, computers, games and related memorabilia!

Expanding on previous GDC showcases from the National Videogame Museum and others, GDC officials are donating free space adjacent to the GDC Play indie dev-centric part of the show from Wednesday, March 1st to Friday, March 3rd to these selected retro game collections or organizations.

Also, each of these organizations will receive complimentary GDC 2017 passes and encouragement to show classics, curios and game obscurities to passing GDC attendees. So if you aren’t already registered to attend GDC 2017 next month, do so quickly — the deadline to register for passes at a discounted rate is today, January 18, at 11:59 PM Pacific!

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See Final Fantasy XV‘s selfie system deconstructed at GDC 2017!


As the 2017 Game Developers Conference draws nigh, organizers want to make sure you don’t miss out on one of the more intriguing talks of the show — about the auto-generated selfies in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV!

Prasert “Sun” Prasertvithyakarn is a lead game designer at Square Enix, and in his GDC 2017 talk on “Prompto’s Facebook: How a Buddy-AI Auto-Snapshots Your Adventure in FFXV”  he’ll explain how the system works and why it’s so important to the narrative of the latest Final Fantasy.

See, Prasertvithyakarn believes photos are what make a trip. In Final Fantasy XV, one of your camera-maniac best buddies, Prompto, will automatically take a picture of your adventure in the game for you. The snapshot he takes is not the classic screenshot that most users are familiar with. Instead it is a picture what Prompto actually sees in the game, enhanced with some fun features. Since no one does the same play, no one will have the same picture as you; the image represents your unique adventure.

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GDC State of the Industry: For the first time, devs favor Android over iOS


Results from the fifth annual Game Developers Conference State of the Industry Survey are in, revealing trends in the games industry based on the feedback of more than 4,500 game developers ahead of GDC 2017 in February and March.

Last week we pointed out how the survey results suggest that game developers are feeling optimistic about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console, and are unsure about the prospects of mid-cycle console refreshes like the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox’s “Project Scorpio.”

Download the 2017 State of the Industry Survey here

Today, we’d like to dig a little deeper and talk about what the survey reveals about which platforms devs are most interested in making games for. For years now, mobile devices and the PC have earned the majority of devs’ interest in our surveys; the same holds true this year, but there’s a big change: for the first time ever, more devs said they’re making games for Android than for iOS.

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