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A Week of Game Programming Lessons

Learn the latest programming skills and techniques to develop games across platforms including consoles, mobile, PCs, virtual reality and more. The demand for high production value in games continues to increase with new tools, middleware, and technical skills required to solve difficult development problems.

Scroll down to learn about all GDC programs covering Game Programming, including:

Advanced Graphics Summit | AI Summit

Machine Learning Summit | Math in Game Development Summit

Online Game Technology Summit | Tools Summit

Core Concepts Sessions: Programming

Advanced Graphics Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday or Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

Brought to you by the collaboration of the industry's leading hardware and software vendors, the Advanced Graphics Summit provides professional insight on how to create cutting-edge game graphics for game developers targeting the PC platform. Presenters include members of AMD and NVIDIA's developer technology, demo, or research staff, plus guest speakers from the industry who are shipping games into the marketplace. Together these speakers will cover advanced graphics techniques that use modern PC graphics APIs to produce stunning visuals and achieve speed-of-light performance on contemporary GPUs. This summit will also cover a series of vendor-neutral optimizations that developers need to keep in mind when designing their engines and shaders.

GDC 2019 highlights include...

Breaking Down Barriers: An Introduction to CPU Synchronization

Matt Pettineo (Ready at Dawn)

Four Million Acres, Seriously: GPU-Based Procedural Terrains in 'Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass'

Alen Ladavac (Croteam)

High Zombie Throughput in Modern Graphics

Anton Krupkin (Saber Interactive)

AI Summit

Two-Day Summit | Monday and Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

Join top game AI programmers for panels and lectures, in addition to conversations, debates, and rants on how game AI can move forward. The AI Summit is targeted to intermediate to advanced programmers who want deeper insight, but anyone interested in what AI can offer next-generation games will gain invaluable insights.

GDC 2019 highlights include...

Fighting Sequelitis: Creating Combat NPCs for 'Tom Clancy's The Division 2'

Drew Rechner (Ubisoft Massive), Philip Dunstan (Ubisoft Massive)

Beyond NPCs: AI for Game Operations

Luke Dicken (Zynga)

A House Built on Sand: Engineering Stable and Reliable AI

Ben Sunshine Hill (Havok)

Machine Learning Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday or Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

The Machine Learning Summit will feature in-depth technical presentations to answer your most salient questions on how ML techniques can help you make better games. For content creators, will manual task automation help you create data in novel and faster ways, thus freeing some time to focus on more features in your games? As learning to play complex games becomes more within reach, will you have your games tested by bots to find bugs, weaknesses or exploits before they reach your players' hands? Eventually, will ML get to the point where you can't distinguish a virtual agent from a human player?

GDC 2019 highlights include...

Beating Wallhacks using Deep Learning with Limited Resources

Junsik Hwang (Nexon Korea)

Simple Head Pose Estimation for Dialogue Wheels

Antti Herva (Remedy Entertainment)

Machine Learning for Everyday Programming

Angelo Pesce (Activision)

Math in Game Development Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday or Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

Creating the latest code for graphics, gameplay, animation, physical simulation, artificial intelligence, and procedural generation requires a thorough knowledge of the necessary mathematical underpinnings. The Math in Game Development Summit presents talks on a wide variety of subjects, including biased randomness, navmesh generation, floating point error, procedural generation, and wave function collapse, as well as a deeper dive into intuiting splines, dot and cross products, and quaternions.

GDC 2019 highlights include...

Understanding and Tracing Numerical Errors in C++

Gino van den Bergen (Dtecta)

End-to-End Procedural Generation in 'Caves of Qud'

Brian Bucklew & Jason Grinblat (Freehold Games)

Online Game Technology Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday or Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

New to the GDC summit lineup, the Online Game Technology Summit will cover all aspects of the technical challenges that go into developing, deploying, scaling and maintaining systems that supports online, connected and multiplayer games across all game platforms. This summit will focus on production use cases and real world examples from industry professionals currently working as engineers, operations teams and related roles supporting these systems. Presentation topics include multiplayer game topologies and architectures, matchmaking, game data storage, analytics, network physics and communication, client and server side networking, infrastructure management, system scaling, operations and monitoring, security and related subjects.

Tools Summit

One-Day Summit | Monday or Tuesday | March 16-17, 2020

The Tools Summit is a deep dive into the state-of-the-art techniques and processes for building tools that enable game development teams to ship awesome games. Topics will range from usability and workflow to studio services and automated testing, and all the technology in between.

GDC 2019 highlights include...

Analyzing for Workflow Reduction: From Many to One to Zero

Philip Bloom (Machine Zone)

The System of Tools: Reducing Frustration in a Daily Workflow

Laura Teeples (343 Industries)

9 Things Learned While Building Frostbite's Cinematics Tools

Ludovic Chabant (Electronic Arts)

Core Concepts Sessions: Programming

Wednesday-Friday | March 18-20, 2020

The learning continues Wednesday through Friday with Core Concepts presentations.

GDC 2019 highlights include...

'Marvel's Spider-Man': A Technical Postmortem

Elan Ruskin (Insomniac Games)

Interactive Wind and Vegetation in 'God of War'

Sean Feeley (Sony Santa Monica Studio)

Optimizing for Epic Battles

Bailin An (Tencent)




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