Learn animation principles, design tips, and more at the Visual Effects Bootcamp

The GDC 2018 Visual Effects Bootcamp runs all day on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018, with a slew of expert sessions that dive deep into the art and tech of visual effects design in contemporary games.

Experienced visual effects artists from across the industry -- everywhere from Epic Games to Nvidia to ILMxLab -- will share their best tips, tricks, anecdotes and inspiration during this day designed to help overcome those limitations and elevate visual effects to a new level.

This is important because visual effects tie together game experiences, breathe life into real time rendered worlds, and provide an all-important final layer of visual polish.

So for example, in his VFX Bootcamp presentation on "Zip! Thwack! Ping! Animation Principles of VFX" SideFX senior technical artist Michael Lyndon will look at the 12 principles of animation as they apply to VFX.

Attendees will learn the high level principles and then see how to use these ideas in creating better VFX for different styles of games. Expect a lot of tips and tricks to help improve your VFX and get a better understanding of the thought process behind designing a solid effect.

And in his talk on "Thinking Process of Beautiful Design" Riot Games senior artist Ryan Woodward brings applicable context from his early pencil/paper animation years, breaks down fundamental design principles and applies them with the simplistic thinking of a 2D animator. With thoughtful design, musical timing and a dash of personal aesthetics, Woodward will show you how VFX can deliver a peculiar emotional response that can fill your audience with unexpected wonder and intrigue.

For more information about GDC 2018, which runs March 19th through the 23rd, visit the show's official website, and subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.




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