GDC Sponsored Sessions

Hear from leading game technology companies in sponsored sessions and Developer Days throughout the week at GDC to learn firsthand about the latest products, tools, services, and techniques. Register for an All Access, Conference, Summits, or Expo Plus pass to attend sponsored content. Contact us about sponsorship opportunities

Featured 2018 Sponsored Sessions

Unreal Developer Sessions

Introduction to Apple's ARKit: Best practices and recent updates (Presented by Apple, Inc.)

Building a Reinforcement Learning Agent in 'Starcraft 2' (Presented by NVIDIA)

Character Animation Using Phase-Functioned Neural Network (Presented by NVIDIA)

GDC Developer Days

Attend full-day programs to learn firsthand about the latest tools, organized by leading game technology companies such as Allegorithmic, Amazon, Autodesk, Facebook, Fair Play Alliance, Google, Khronos Group, and Unity Technologies.

Featured 2018 Developer Days

Amazon Developer Day

Facebook Developer Day

Google Developer Day

Unity Developer Day




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