Monday, March 18, 2019

Real-time visual effects (VFX) artists have a long list of skills they must implement to solve the wide range of tasks they face. Due to the visual impact VFX has on the player's experience, it is important that they are masterful artists. As visual effects are a main point of feedback for the player's interactions with the game world, VFX artists must think and iterate like a designer. As a key element in rewarding the player, they need to have the timing and flair of a great performer. With the power to bloat any frame, they need knowledge of the code normally reserved for programmers. Join the Visual Effects (VFX) Bootcamp for a day of sessions covering the development of real-time VFX for games and a wide range of skills which historically only came from being in the trenches as a VFX artist.

Featured 2018 Visual Effects Bootcamp Sessions

Visual Effects Bootcamp: How VR is Going to Break All the Rules in VFX

Shen-Ming Spurgeon (Drifter Entertainment)

Wyeth Johnson (Epic Games)

Visual Effects Bootcamp: Autonomy in Real-Time Effects: Artist Driven Tools and Techniques for Large Scale Production

Bill Kladis (Epic Games)

Visual Effects Bootcamp: Thinking Process of Beautiful Design

Ryan Woodward (Riot Games)

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